Your Audience are Cyborgs.

Totally legit robotising. 

Totally legit robotising. 

I’m sitting in a bar. There is a conversation about 80s movies, the question comes up about TRON. Was it the first film to use CGI to create its digital world? Without thinking I slip out my phone and load up the answer in seconds. I’m sitting around and everyone else is doing similar. We’re augmenting our brains and connected constantly. We’re cyborgs.

From the early days of strapping on watches and correcting our vision we’ve been adding inorganic bits of wonder to make our lives better.


We enhanced our brains, took the lead in the relationship but now machine learning and AI is taking the next step. With the rise of Fake News, Spoofing websites, Phishing and social media pranking we’re our organic parts are overloaded and we’re turning to our AI allies to help us to sort it all out. We’re about to be going steady with AI.

For us, as creators and makers it paints for an interesting future. Our audiences are cyborgs. We’re not just talking to them alone. We’re talking to machines too. Safe guards that want to filter out, curate and protect our audiences from messages they deem unworthy. This means we’re going to have to start thinking of not only the idea itself but an idea of how we reach people. While people increasingly trust AI, we are innovators and creators we can’t let machines talk to machines. More than ever brands need to connect emotionally, have purpose in people’s lives. That for now is something that humans are rather good at.

Soon, an effective and emotional advert won’t just pass the test of an audience but the filters that will deem it worth to reach them.

The good news is, you’re already plugged in. Your office is full of cyborgs, and you’re on the frontline of it all. You don’t need to think like a machine, you’re already doing that. The trick will be to reconnect to human truths and the illogical of life which no algorithm understand.

Then you’ll be thinking like a cyborg.