You'll always remember cancelling but not what for.

I want to share with you something I heard when I started out in the industry. For some reason the phrase above stuck with me and guided me over the years. 

"You'll always remember cancelling but not what for" , many times in life you'll be asked to work late, to work weekends and to work above and beyond. That is a fantastic feeling, to know you're all pushing together to make something happen. However for me that phrase is a reminder of how many times you'll cancel on a family event to get that presentation ready, only to forget in six months all about the project but still be living with the shame of letting down loved ones. 

We need balance in our lives, we need trust and flexibility with our teams. We need to all push in the right direction so that we can make sure we attend important events, that we can be there for loved ones as well as work. 

That's why today, on the start of the Easter bank holiday, I ask you to switch off, no checking up on work. Just enjoy time well spent doing something else. Let your creative fuel replenish through adventure and relaxing.