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Beautiful. Simple. Skateboards.  

Comic books meet iOS in a very analogue way. 

This is a bike called Arnold. 

Philip’s male grooming augmented reality. 

Over 73% of Taiwanese men think that grooming is just about cleanness, preferring a clean-shaven look over any type of beard and stubbles. In order to increase penetration of Philips grooming kits, we create the “Low-tech Augmented Reality Mugs” to spark their interest and elevate any possible look they may have after grooming. Let’s attract them from too focusing on hair. From hair to beard.

Watch Formula 1™ legend David Coulthard and pro-golfer Jake Shepherd set a new world record - farthest golf shot caught in a moving car - with the help of the Mercedes—Benz SLS AMG Roadster. The car caught the ball 275 metres away from the tee.

This stunt was verified by Guinness World Records — see the Behind The Scenes film here:

Warning: No one should attempt to re-enact or recreate any of the
activities shown in this video.

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Team Hotwheels loop the loop with real cars. 

When the Head of Team Hot Wheels said he wanted the Team Hot Wheels drivers to perform the next stunt in front of a bigger audience, they had no idea he was talking about the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles.  Tune in to ABC / ESPN on June 30th at 11:20 AM PT to watch Team Hot Wheels attempt the world’s largest double loop vertical challenge!  Be part of the action and join Team Hot Wheels.

My friend at work Gus and I like to record our faces whilst we work. 

This is his brilliant capture of his day. If you look closely you can see several times in the video stealing his ideas contributing to the creative


Another day at work. Yes, I have a beard and I’m cool.

You should watch this thing of the day. 

Having lived in London, this would have been perfect