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If I could let go of this world and see you one last time I would as heaven was a place in your arms. 

Beautiful short film of the day

SURFACE : A film from underneath

Short film of the day. 

I’m never flying again. Another amazing short film

Are you leaving? 

Short film of the day. 

Produced by: Think Mol Producciones (
Directed by: Cristina Molino
Main Characters: Laura Díaz, Pablo Castañón and Luis Muñiz
Editing: Cristina Laguna
Cinematography: Cristina Molino
Art Director: Luis Ramírez
Production Sound Recordist: Susana Castro
Sound Editing and Re-Recording Mixing: Roberto HG (
Original Score: Dani Molino (
Hair Stylist, Make Up and Costumes: Vanesa M. Suárez
Digital Effects & Color: Dani Kei V. Kaneda ( )

Locals Only by Levis 

This was the RUMBLE that rocked Marseille,” it says on one of the amazing retro-flavored flyers announcing a party at the city’s infamous Le Duke bar, and this line pretty much nails it: the name Le Duke stands for that rumble, for that massive wave of sound that has been rocking and connecting the scene in France’s largest city on the Mediterranean coast since the bar opened its doors in 2010.

“Le Duke is special because it is the only rock & roll bar in Marseille, period,” claims Raphaël Degoix-Messand aka DJ R*A*F, the man responsible for the right mix of 50’s rock, garage, rhythm & blues and northern soul both as a disc jockey and booker for the bar. Initiated and run by former skaters, scooter and rock music lovers for life, it has quickly become the favorite hang-out spot for punks, mods, tattoo artists, bikers and the local skateboard scene in Marseille.

Before this eclectic crowd of likeminded rock aficionados gathers and the night kicks off in downtown Marseille with a round of drinks and some vintage tunes, it’s time for a skateboarding mission with Le Duke’s regulars, checking out a DIY skate spot high up in the mountains and paying a visit to the iconic Marseille bowl at the beach.

And the gods said Thou shalt not disturb Alan Rickman whilst he drinks tea… 

music is Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey

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