Hello you.

Nice to meet you. Its hard to know what to put in these sorts of things really. It always seems so corporate and a bit soulless but anyhow here goes..

I’m a creative type I like to make work that talks to people, no one wakes up wanting to see adverts - so its about creating something that can start a conversation with people not a presentation. I have been lucky to pick up a few awards for my work including a Silver Cannes, BTAA silver, a few DMAs as well as being featured in Contagious and NMA magazines. I started a creative community and blog called HelloYouCreatives which gets over 20,000 subscribers and 10,000 followers on twitter - which isn’t too bad for something I did in my spare time. 

* I’ve made several successful viral & social media campaigns such as LED sheep, Lewis Hamilton Vodaphone, HD Challenge, SSD Awesomeness, Samsung Explorers, Skype Live Viral plus a load more.

* Developed a creative platform for FedEx’s sport sponsorship. Including print, TV, digital and Tube station take over installations

* Art direction and concepting for websites such as Febreze.co.uk, Herbal Essences as well as connected banner campaigns. Digital Art Direction for brands such as Infiniti, Lynx and Guinness.

* Illustrated and art direction work for Diabetes UK as well as taking part in several exhibitions